9-Drip Packages

Drip the forefront of Anti-Aging Medicine is an injection of vitamins and drugs combination through an IV bag. It is virtually painless and little to no side effects. Many plus sides compared to oral drug intake or ones that have to be applied on the skin. The rate of ingestion is vastly superior with almost 100% of the vitamin will be digested by the patient where it can get a fast track to the cell system. Which is why it applies to many chronic diseases.

Drip is widely known and accepted in the pro-life/wellness circle, athletics, weight watcher, patient with heart, liver and memory problem. It’s a very relaxing treatment where you just sit on a sofa and can simultaneously listen to music, watch tv or have a chat with your friend. It takes only half an hour.

Although it is a widely accepted treatment with minimal risk, IV Drip treatment still needs a high level and Anti-Aging Certified doctors. It should be done with a trusted clinic or hospital. It needs a rather complete body and history check before the treatment. Also your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level need to be closely monitored both during and after the treatment.

  • Nicha Clinic has 9 IV Drip cocktails for you to choose from:
  •  Fat Burn - Raise the level of fat burn in your body
  •  Aura Booster - A Star secret. Boost your skin vitality, making your skin both supple and white.
  •  Chelation - Detox heavy metal from your body. Which from today lifestyle you definitely have more than it is recommended. It can lower the chance of having cancer.
  •  Idea Bright - Enhanced your brain functionality. Help with memory.
  •  Liver Detox - Popular amongst the masses. By cleansing the toxin in your liver it reduces the chance of having liver cancer.
  •  Vascular Therapy - Detox your vascular system from toxin. Especially good for those with high cholesterol on the blood vessel wall.
  •  Lung Detox - Detox your lung for smoker or those who often have to be 2nd hand smoker.
  •  After Party - Strong hangover cure. For those party lovers that needs to work the next day.
  •  Immune Booster - Increased immunity. Fend off the cold and reduce allergy.