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Over time, from the young age to the middle age with the skin that has been firm and bouncy, it will begin to dry, rough, and large pores that are because the collagen under the skin ends, causing deep wrinkles. Using massage methods or applying various nourishing creams will see results slowly. Therefore, filler injections are a good solution for those who have problems and are still very popular today.

 What is filler injection? 

Injectable filler is a soft tissue filler injection to help the skin problems, and fill in facial wrinkles. Our filler is a substance that mimics substances that are naturally, which make the skin firm and bouncy, the deep grooves will be shallow, and also fill the missing collagen fibers to make your face bouncy and youthful. 

 Types and operation of filler injection 

There are 2 types of filler: Firstly, temporary filler (hyaluronic acid), produced from natural extracts, when injected into the area to be fixed, will last approximately 6 to 12 months, with high security and decompose naturally. Secondly, a permanent filler such as silicone, which will give permanent results that cannot be shown and cannot identify any long-term side effects. It is also not recommended to inject this kind of filler either. 

 Disadvantages of filler injection

If injected in large amounts, such as in the areas of hip or chest, it may result in some filler coagulation. There may be swelling and redness at the injection site and will disappear by itself in 2 days.

 Pre-Instructions filler injection

Do not take certain medications or supplements, such as aspirin or vitamin E, and if you have an allergic reaction, you must inform your physician in advance. 

 Post Instructions filler injection

  • Avoid sleeping prostrate after 3-4 hours of filler injections and the first 12 hours. Do not make-up or apply any nourishing cream.
  • Do not exercise in the first 48 hours. Do not touch the heat in various ways.
  • Do not rub the face vigorously and drink plenty of water about 12 glasses a day.

 Precautions in filler injection 

Currently, there are substances that similar to fillers sold in many areas that non-standardized and are at risk of side effects. Therefore, should use the services of the physician as a specialist to be able to solve the problem as you wish. This filler injection is prohibited in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and women who have bleeding problems.


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