Microdermabrasion, UltraDeep, Mask

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Microdermabrasion, UltraDeep, Mask


  • The principle is to exfoliate with gems tips make the skin bright, smooth, reducing scars, and dark spots, are a method widely used in Europe and Asia to remove old skin cells and stimulate the creation of new skin cells.
  • Can be done 1 time per twice weeks.
  • Helps to shed old skin cells to reveal new skin cells.
  • Practices after doing are apply a lot of moisturizing creams and should apply sunscreen before sun exposure every time.


UltraDeep Vitamin

  • The principle is how to push vitamins and skin food into the deep layers using ultrasonic waves, send vibrations and heat to the deep skin, make your skin healthy, clear, reduce dark spots, redness, health, skin become stronger.
  • Can be done once a week
  • Helping vitamins get into the skin deeply to make the skin soft, moisturized, not dry
  • Should always applying sunscreen before sun exposure.


  • Principles for helping to moisturize the skin, nourish the skin while relaxing the face.
  • The results depend on types of masks because each mask has different properties.
  • Practices is applying sunscreen before sun exposure every time.

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