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Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT is high technology accepted by FDA (united states food and drug administration) helps to tighten the skin with special radio waves, stimulate heat under the skin deep, stimulate collagen, tightening, and accelerating the creation of new collagen without surgery, and no traces or cuts. Thermage can make the skin looks younger and can see results immediately after treatment, which can lift the face, eyes, neck, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms for 1-2 years.

Thermage CPT increase vibration system, less pain, and has high efficiency on the first place in Pattaya, and suitable for all skin types, no restrictions on skin color because can be used to treat people with dark skin. This is different from other lasers, and can be admitted at any time. Do not need to avoid sunlight and there are no special precautions for skin care before and after treatment by Thermage CPT.

Get to know Face lifting with Thermage

Consult with a medical professional to reverse skin rejuvenate again with Thermage, will help your skin lifting, facelift without surgery, wound-free and not having to recuperate for smooth, lifting and younger-looking skin. If you feel that facial skin used to be tight and look bright is about to be replaced by sagging, then Thermage treatment is suitable for you.

(Face Tip): Skin treatment around the eyes and eyelid skin with Thermage. Reduce wrinkles around the eyes and eyelid problems, which is caused by the sagging of the skin as the age fades for bright and vibrant eyes again.

(Face Tip): Reduce wrinkles on the upper eyelid skin (The area where eyeshadow is applied), allowing you to apply the eyeshadow smoothly and again with Thermage, which uses a special type of transmission frequency.

(Eye Tip): Designed specifically for sensitive skin such as eyelids

The tightening of the collagen structure under the skin that helps to improve skin condition until you can feel the skin smooth and lifted again

Skin sagging around the cheeks, jaw and under the chin is more lifted and shaped. Wrinkles around the eyes, around the lips, and forehead look faded, and the cheeks become shallower.

How is the process of Thermage in the skin?

As we get older, collagen fibers will lose elasticity including the amount of collagen in the skin will be reduced, which causes wrinkles and sagging. Thermage helps to treat wrinkles and sagging Based on technology Special radio frequency (Capacitive Monopolar Coupled Radiofrequency) induce heat to the skin in the deep layers, stimulate collagen to be tightened and accelerate the creation of new collagen, which the skin will gradually continuously creating collagen until the 6th month.

When will see the treatment results?

Generally, can see results immediately after treatment and began to see clearer results in the second month and gradually improved, the skin will be best lifted in the 6th month. After that, the treatment results can be continued for 1 year or more depending on the skin type and age of the individual. This result is caused by a single treatment only.

Skin care after treatment

There are no special precautions for skin care after Thermage treatment. You can able to do activities and take care of the skin immediately, such as make-up, skin cream, sunscreen or work normally.

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