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Fine Thread Lifting is a technique that brings threads to dissolve the PDO material (Polydioxanone) can dissolve by the hydrolysis reaction in the body, which is a reaction that causes few inflammation to the tissues, to repair the skin and solve the problem of sagging face. This can be used on both the face and body, such as the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, but is more commonly used on the face to repair the skin and lift the shape of the face to look slimmer.

The principle of this technique used fine needle into the skin to lift the skin, stimulate cells that are responsible for creating collagen fibers, resulting in pulling and lifting the face and firm while also helping to stimulate blood flow into the skin at the same time.

What is the thread that used for fine thread lifting?

The popular threads used to be is the threads produced from Polydioxanone, which mostly used in stitches in plastic surgery, and there are very few allergic reactions.

What is the barb threads?

There are several types of threads in the present, which divided into 2 main types are absorbable sutures and nonabsorbable sutures. Currently, people are mainly popular in absorbable sutures because it can dissolve naturally. Besides, it can also be divided according to the adhesion conditions with the skin tissue, as following;

  1. Smooth surface thread. This thread will help to reduce wrinkles at some points, and making the skin firm by threading a needle into a shape of net, but not very effective in lifting the skin.
  1. Bard thread. This is a single thread but has spines protruding throughout the thread to better adhesion with skin tissue, providing good lifting results, and can see results immediately after treatment. There is stimulate the skin to create new collagen around the threads and uses less number of threads than ordinary smooth surface thread. Bard thread suitable for lifting the cheek area and reshaping the face.

Who is suitable for fine thread lifting?

Fine Thread Lifting is suitable for those who have sagging cheeks, the face is not slender, and those who want to get a slim face. Mostly, this problem occurs for people aged 35 and over. In the case of extremely sagging skin, and there is a collapsing of the skin as age, fine thread lifting cannot completely reduce sagging but may have to use filler as well, but for those who are not very young but the sagging face can also be thread lifting.

Advantage of fine thread lifting

  • No surgery and no risk in anesthesia
  • The cost is not very high.
  • It does not take a long time, convenient and fast.
  • See results immediately after doing
  • No large scars to be a concern for women and do not need to recuperate for a long time
  • Have few side effects, there are few swelling or bruising after the operation depends on the technique used and the amount of threads, and each person’s face

Disadvantages of fine thread lifting:

Although fine thread lifting is not surgery but still pain from anesthesia and some of threading lift. It may have the opportunity to cause skin swelling and redness due to dissolving threads, but few chances to happen, especially people who have risk of infection from threads lift into the skin or using unclean equipment. Bard threads may cause dimples of the skin, the skin on both sides are not equal during the first period after the procedure, it is because of swelling but will gradually collapse swell and improve. In case, using the wrong technique to do barb threads or not made by a medical professional, may be able to impact this result in the long run. If using threads that does not dissolve, there may be residue in the body and can be dangerous in the long run as well. Therefore, those wishing to undergo surgery with a fine thread lifting should be considered carefully before making a decision.

 Does a thread lift hurt?

Before doing thread lift, the physician will apply anesthesia in some position before thread lift, you may be feeling slightly hurt while doing and takes about 20-40 minutes.

The side effects of the fine thread lift?

After thread lift, may be swelling, redness, raised marks and bruising, uneven facial skin, which caused by swelling of the needle because the tissue has been stimulated and will feel the surface tension of thread pulling in the first period. These symptoms will disappear by themselves during 1-2 weeks, can use normal daily life and will clearly see results in about 2 months after the thread lift. In the case that the physician who does not have experience or using wrong methods such as thread lift too shallow or wrong timing will cause undesirable fascia in the upper skin area.

After thread lift, you should take care yourself as the following:

  • The first thing that you should not do is to shoot laser or any procedure to the face.
  • Should not massage your face vigorously at the area of thread for 2 months.
  • If there are any abnormal symptoms, should see a physician as soon as possible.
  • Should be careful about heat Because it might affect the threads that has just been made, the result may not come out as well as it should be.

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